Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Welcome to Q Tunes! a Q Review weekly installment series spotlighting new releases from the LGBTQ music community.

The world of LGBTQ music is exploding each week with new and talented artists. With so many exciting new releases among the many it's easy to miss out on some great new music. But have no fear, each week we'll bring you those great new songs you may have missed.

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Hannah Trigwell - Dreams

Hannah Trigwell returns with another indelible pop track that will having you swaying with its day dream melodic delights. Hannah continues to raise the bar on creating music infused with heart and emotion, and Dreams takes that momentum forward to position Hannah Trigwell as one of the most exciting pop singer songwriters out there.

Auden - 6 Months

Dark, deep, mournful and honest. Auden is known for some more electro and alternative R'nB tracks but with '6 Months' we hear an Auden grounded in experiences needed to shared and is expressed in a near dream state. And then we hit the end where it all kicks off.

Jxckson - Ready for Love?

Oh summer is hear. Jxckson's 'Ready for Love?' is a soulful summer jam full of sultry heat. Island sounds and vibes melt all over this track and you can imagine sun, surf and sand in the early evening with a slow groove dance happening while midnight kisses are stolen in dark corners.

Bugz Gutta, Tia Carter, Goldie Doll, Rico Cassadine - Matters

It's so important to recognize what these artists are communicating. The fight against racism is not over and the artists of Pynk Gorilla Entertainment have come together to create ‘Matters’ a song that informs, inspires and incites us to keep the movement alive, but to also remember that Black Lives Matter must also include our queer and trans black family members. It's a powerful song stressing the much overlooked continued loss of black trans life.

Myylo - Kissing On Your Dad

The indie troubadour returns with a provocative and cheeky feel good track that will make you smile as much as it makes you do a double take, “wait, he said what?”. But hot dads need appreciation too, right? This is yet another Myylo smash!

Like A Motorcycle - Satan Does the Numbers

Look, Rock'n Roll ain't dead. Not as long as we have high octane bands around keeping the flame alive. Like A Motorcycle continue to bring the fire and combine sharp melody with alternative essentials to produce thrash magic you can't help but be infected with. So put your Rock ‘n Roll face and Punk Rock shit kickers on people, LAM strikes again! Turn it up loud!

Florian Rose - Pomegranate Boy

If Sophia Coppola’s “The Virgin Suicides” was released today I imagine Florian Rose on the soundtrack. There’s an almost 70’s beach feel to the track but yet sits perfectly in today's pop melodies. The more I listen to it the more I discover. Florian uses unique vocals to provide near flirtatious engagement and a nostalgic spirit to captivate the listener. A Super 8 companion to electro pop.

The Blah Blah Blahs - This and That

The Mod era meets the B52's while hanging out with the Tom Tom Club in Debbie Harry's bedroom closet. Not sure what any of that means? Doesn't matter go put this song on and don't stop the shimmy until we call you for dinner! The Blah Blah Blahs are here and life just got better!

J3M - Show Me

There is a wealth of new R'nB soul dropping these days, all very reminiscent of iconic 90's tracks from artists like Neyo and Usher, and it's a wonderful thing to hear. J3M brings that sonic recall to us in heaps and floods every inch of 'Show Me' from falsetto to tonality to bass-line. J3M gives us a real taste of the future with bang on neo soul groove.

Andrea DiGiovanni, GESS - Miracle

Two fabulous voices combine to create one fantastic track. Vocally both artists are sublime in their tone and delivery. Intensity propels the song into the he song is dramatic without ever becoming cliche. This is an incredible pairing and a true testament that when artists collaborate they can create some special magic.

Carolina East - Soaked in Whiskey

Channeling the essence of Carrie Underwood and the vocal prowess of Martina McBride, Newfoundland's Carolina East is making a play for that country music crown. And with this kind of lyrical smarts and writing, she could easily do it. 'Soaked in Whiskey' should easily become a most requested at country radio and if a video arrives, CMT should be ensuring it sees high rotation.

The Lavender Scare - Prophet Share

As a devoted alt rock fan it's always so satisfying hearing where the Lavender Scare are heading with their music. Elements of the Boxer Rebellion, Manchester Orchestra and Richard Ashcroft spring to mind while listening to 'Prophet Share' and an emotional complexity fills all of its edges.

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