Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Sunday, July 5th, 2020

Welcome to Q Tunes! a Q Review weekly installment series spotlighting new releases from the LGBTQ music community.

The world of LGBTQ music is exploding each week with new and talented artists. With so many exciting new releases among the many it's easy to miss out on some great new music. But have no fear, each week we'll bring you those great new songs you may have missed.

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Izra Fitch - Hollywood Kids

Izra Fitch takes a moment away from her band Good Dear Good to drop her debut solo single ‘Hollywood Kids’. And as expected it delivers on every level. ‘Hollywood Kids’ sits nicely in the company of electro pop wonders Caveboy with a melodic maturity reminiscent of Tegan and Sara. As a first outing, Izra Fitch should quickly find ‘Hollywood Kids’ on everyone’s must hear playlists. Service to radio, get it on the air, and put it on repeat!

LG (Team Genius) - Pride

Big sound, big beats, big presence. LG (Team Genius) is a voice you may not be familiar with but you will be. Talent this huge can't be contained.

Arlissa - Healing

Wow. Everyday is a gift when you come across an artist like Arlissa. I spend hours and hours listening to music and searching out artists and still I can miss someone as sublimely talented as this. ‘Healing’ is a fantastic song made gorgeous by the insanely beautiful voice of Arlissa.

J.Scott - This is the Part

90's Soul meets 2020's freshness. With echos of early Usher, a respect of retro and infectious beats throughout, J.Scott is bringing bags of excitement to the party and a revitalisation of R'nB.

Kai Mata - Where Love Goes

The wonderful Kai Mata is back with a brilliant new song to keep the apride fires alive! ‘Where Love Goes’ is an infectious song filled with clever writing, Kai’s remarkable style of whimsy and the most impeccable whistle ever to hit us. Turn on and turn up 'Where Love Goes'. It's a great way to start your day!

Gregory Dillon - Plastic Ferrari

Emotionally resonant with heaps of nostalgia, Gregory Dillon and his larger than life anthemic voice is back with a new track we can all relate to. Plastic Ferrari takes us down that closeted love story of the crush you can't have.

Butterfly Feels, Nor Kin4Life - Money

The hits keep coming from this talented duo who continue to redefine and energize the R’nB/Hip Hop landscape. There’s so much good going on here is staggering.

Sedgwick - Alone

Sedgwick is an exciting brand new artist from Edmonton, Alberta and his new single ‘Alone’ straddles the line between alternative hip hop and electro pop. With a strong narrative, a Blackbear like style, deep beats and a dark edge stitched throughout the song, Sedgwick has delivered us a stunning introduction.

ORI - Fire In The Flood

What a day of music! And still it kicks on with new track ‘Fire In The Flood’ from new artist ORÎ. An electro pop smash outlining the measure of finding strength in the face of adversity. For a new artist, ORÎ has arrived like a seasoned musical vet and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

LÂLKA - Burn It All

If you haven’t met her yet, be sure to spend some time getting familiar with Brisbane-based electro hip-hop pop producer and artist LÂLKA. She uses electro PC styles and hip-hop influences for a vibrant and unique approach to her music, creating exciting, gritty and expressive pieces you need to hear.

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