New Single! With Jarret Moon

Hey misfits! So you may remember a while back when I quit studio work that wanted to work with another model on a track. Well ive considering ALOT of the incredible talent I got sent I decided on two artists! I’m happy to announce that one of those artists is Jarret Moon!

I first spoke to Jarret about doing a song together over a year ago and since then we’ve kept in contact and he’s slowly joined my little family. Jarret release a beautiful track called “Ghost” a little while back and instantly connected with it. So naturally I approaches him about doing another version of the song but together!

”Ghost” is such a beautiful track and It was such a pleasure and privilidge to work with Jarret, aswell as shine a light and expose a fellow model/artist to my platform and to you guys!

I really think you’ll enjoy what we did!

more info on its release coming soon! Till then, here’s a tease!

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