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It's been an insane year, each week is something new we have to overcome or a new issue either global or locally that we need to address. its in these actions I decided to take a drastic turning point in my life this week. It was necessary and something I had to do for my own sanity.

It's now been a week since 'Surrender' was released. Its reception has been so kind and heartwarming. This kind of response is something I never imagined and never expected. My music has always been a way of me letting go of feelings I hold onto. I never thought this many people would receive it so kindly and for that, I thank you.

My emails have and DMs have been a bombardment of well wishes, kind words, and future opportunities. It already feels like a lot has changed in such a small time.

I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has ever listened, streamed, shared and supported my music! As I grow I hope you will with me!

As a thanks I'd like to do a giveaway!

Anyone who subscribes to my website will be in with the chance to win a signed copy of 'Surrender' I will announce the winner on Friday 10th!

Thank you all so much!

#Surrender #GiveAway

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